10 Years of Research and Testing

On September 14, 2010, the Wall Street Journal ran an article – Swatting ‘Superbugs’ in Hospitals, Homes – about cutting-edge antimicrobials and polymers that employed metal ions to destroy bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Not only were they effective inside the human body, one of the researchers successfully tested the polymers on the roof of his Miami home, to prevent mold.

This chemistry was the cornerstone of the inventor’s tremendous success in cardiovascular research and development, allowing him to introduce two of the top-five, best-selling coronary products of all time: the angioplasty balloon and drug-eluting coronary stent.

Within six months of reading the article, CEO and founder of Dial BioSciences, Gerald J. Smith visited the inventor’s lab in Miami, Florida. During their discussions for market expansion, a new class of antimicrobials went into product development, with Smith focusing on development of a delivery system that could take the biomaterial chemistry used for medical devices and use it to treat and protect structures from mold and bacteria.  

Dial BioSciences Paves the Way for Structural Fogging to Prevent and Eliminate Mold Regrowth

After ten years of structural field trials (including Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts), research, and development, Dial BioSciences secured the rights to distribute this technology, and to develop a new patent-pending treatment process. With this new process, Dial BioSciences would be able to protect structures from bacterial and mold growth following water intrusion and sustained periods of high humidity.

This chemistry – an EPA “Food-Grade” labeled natural antimicrobial – allows for unrestricted entry and applications in virtually any environment. This dramatically reduces the cost of property claims, reduces building materials in landfills, protects framing during construction, and increases occupancy rates of hotels by removing musty odors. Once our coatings are applied, they are undetectable, invisible and leave no residue. We had developed a microscopic weapon capable of killing microorganisms and pathogens that would otherwise affect human health and destroy property.

What We Do

Dial BioSciences serves four primary markets: 

  • Property and Casualty Insurers
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • New Construction
  • Hospitality and Property Management

Dial BioSciences’ objective is to deploy rapid response teams who can immediately apply our product to water-impacted areas or those expected to be impacted. To do this, we’ve established a nation-wide network of business partners who are vetted through vigorous Quality Pro Standards, including drug testing, criminal background checks and motor vehicle driving record searches. We’ve also secured one of the world’s largest distribution companies to ship and warehouse our products to over 90 locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, to be ready at a moment’s notice.