DIal Bio Before and After Treatment

Protect Framing During Construction to Reduce Exposure, Risk and Liability

You’ve seen it: a lumber delivery, stacked in an open, wet environment. It’s more than an invitation for mold, bacteria and other pathogens to take root – it’s a red flag for homeowners, who’ll worry about mold in their brand-new home.

By treating the wood framing during the dry-in phase, existing mold is treated and eliminated.

We’re so confident in the process, we offer a One Year Mold Treatment and Prevention Warranty covered by a leading insurance carrier, retroactive to date of settlement. The warranty is then transferred to the new home owner at no additional cost. Dial BioSciences also offers mold prevention treatments for paver patios and driveways to preserve the new condition and appearance for up to one year.


Safer and Smarter for Your Jobsite

The health and safety of your people is always a concern. Dial BioSciences’ smart polymers were created for use in the human body, to protect medical implant products in cardiovascular therapy. By contracting Dial BioSciences to apply DialBioClean and DialBioSeal, you’re creating a safer working environment for everyone.

Once building materials are treated with Dial BioSciences’ EPA “Food-Grade” labeled antimicrobial polymer, they’re safe to handle, so you can work with them immediately. Our smart polymers are also safe for use on all surfaces. Contrast this with other mold treatments, which can be toxic to humans and corrosive to metals.