Mold Grows Quietly, With or Without a Storm

Any time water impacts a facility, building materials and furnishings are susceptible to mold. It doesn’t require a flood or a storm, it could be a balcony door left open to the rain, steam from repeated long showers, or spilled liquids on carpets or drapes. These actions are all beyond the control of building management, yet any of them could trigger the growth of mold and bacteria, and impact the occupancy rate of a hotel room, or prevent the use of office space. 


Dial BioSciences can help. Our product and process can be applied to virtually any surface or environment with no special precautions, and without interrupting business operations. Regular treatment applications can be scheduled to high risk areas in rooms or the facilities to prevent the spread of mold or the odors associated with mold.

Providing Clean Environments for Healthy Living

Dial BioSciences protects your property while allowing your guests to live life the way they choose.



Masking musty odors with cleaners or fragrances doesn’t solve your mold problem, and the environment may still be hazardous to guests and employees alike. Quickly and effectively eliminate mold and prevent odors associated with mold with one of our reoccurring maintenance programs. After treatment with DialBioClean and DialBioSeal, you’re left with a clean environment, immediately safe for guests and employees alike. 

Property Management

Property Management

In the Northeast, harsh winters may cause frozen pipes, ice damming or leaky roofs. In the South, extended vacancies of homes and condominiums during the high-humidity summer allows mold to spread undetected for months. And often, the problem is only discovered after significant damage. Dial BioSciences can protect any property or facility, at any time, in any environment. Call us immediately after a water event to stop the clock on mold, or consider a preventative treatment before any long vacancy.

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Safe, Smart and Green

Contact Dial BioSciences for an initial consultation and to initiate a mold reduction and prevention program for your facilities. Our EPA “Food-Grade” labeled, mold prevention applications are safe for use on virtually any surface, and are safe around people, animals and plants.