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Stop Mold In Structures

After a water event, the clock is ticking. Mold and bacteria begin growing almost immediately, and soon mold is spreading upward and outward. This is why Dial BioSciences needs to be on your approved vendor list. Our loss prevention service for mold is insurance for the insurance company.

As your first responder on a water intrusion claim, we can immediately treat water-impacted areas to prevent mold and bacteria from forming, even on damp building materials, ahead of water extraction and water mitigation professionals.

Reduce All Your Water Intrusion-Related Claims

You don’t have to wait for a flood to call Dial BioSciences. We can lower the cost of claims on any water-damage event by:
1. Responding immediately to immobilize and suspend mold growth instantaneously.
2. Reducing the surface areas required for demo by preventing the spread of mold.

If Dial BioSciences’ rapid response teams are immediately deployed along with water extraction efforts, the need for demolition and complete restoration may be avoided.

Ice Damming or Leaks

Ice Damming or Leaks

We apply our mold-inhibiting process to affected attic framing, exposed walls, ceilings, or windows to prevent mold from forming on wet and dry surfaces. Our treatment process will keep working to prevent mold until the repairs are completed, which in some cases may be months.

Frozen Pipes or Fires

Frozen Pipes or Fires

We apply our mold inhibiting process to affected floors, walls, and airspace to prevent mold even if water extraction, fans, and dehumidifiers are installed. In the event of major pipe bursts, the water saturated building materials still may begin to populate mold before the water extraction equipment has achieved minimal dry out status. Our treatment process will keep working to prevent mold until the complete dry out is achieved.

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Safe, Smart and Green

Dial BioSciences’ smart polymers were designed to be used in the human body, as part of drug-coated coronary stents to prevent fungal and bacterial infections. Homeowners and workers can enter an area immediately after applying DialBioClean, our EPA “Food-Grade” labeled antimicrobial, and DialBioSeal, our smart polymer. Both products are safe for use on all surfaces, as well.