Eliminate Airborne and Surface Pathogens

Dial BioSciences has developed an exclusive, patent-pending process that overcomes the limitations of two-dimensional surface treatments, by applying our EPA “Food-Grade” labeled antimicrobial and our smart polymers in a fine micron mist fog. This mist moves throughout the entire environment, effectively eliminating airborne as well as surface pathogens.


Fast, Effective Mold Treatment for Every Business

Dial Bio Builder Industry

New Construction

Wood framing and building materials exposed to heavy rains and humidity during construction? Damp weather patterns extending drying time requirements? Stop the clock on mold and mitigate your risk and liability exposure with Dial BioSciences.

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Dial Bio Hospitality Industry

Property & Facility Management

Water intrusion, humidity, and other variables all contribute to mold’s impact on hotels and commercial properties. In these industries, mold does more than cause loss of revenue and productivity, it harms your reputation and exposes risk. Protect your business’ image and lower your liability with Dial BioSciences.

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Dial Bio Insurance Industry

Insurance Carriers

After a water intrusion, mold can completely engulf a structure by the time repairs or restoration work begins. With Dial BioSciences, you can immediately stop the mold and reduce your claims at the same time.

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