Applying DialBioClean® is the first step in the mold suspension process. 

  • Registered with the EPA, it’s a “Food-Grade” labeled antimicrobial
  • Applied as a mist, it attaches to and eliminates surface and airborne mold and bacteria
  • DialBioClean suffocates the pathogens and suspends the vertical and outward spread of mold


Step two is applying DialBioSeal® to prevent mold from re-growing. 

  • A unique active polymer also used in medical applications
  • SMART polymer locks in DialBioClean
  • Moisture intelligence reactivates in the presence of wetness and hunts down and neutralizes mold, spores, and other pathogens, for up to a year

Stop the Clock for Up to a Year

As a biosciences company, only Dial BioSciences offers mold protection and prevention you can depend on for up to a year after treatment. For industries from insurance to construction, and property management to hospitality, Dial BioSciences will help you: 

  • Reduce your exposure to mold-related health risks
  • Avoid the huge expenses of restorations
  • Protect your business from interruptions and protect your home from use loss

Learn more about how Dial BioSciences can make an impact in your industry, below.  

Fast, Effective Mold Treatment for Every Business

Dial Bio Builder Industry

New Construction

Wood framing and building materials exposed to heavy rains and humidity during construction? Damp weather patterns extending drying time requirements? Stop the clock on mold and mitigate your risk and liability exposure with Dial BioSciences.

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Dial Bio Hospitality Industry

Property & Facility Management

Water intrusion, humidity, and other variables all contribute to mold’s impact on hotels and commercial properties. In these industries, mold does more than cause loss of revenue and productivity, it harms your reputation and exposes risk. Protect your business’ image and lower your liability with Dial BioSciences.

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Dial Bio Insurance Industry

Insurance Carriers

After a water intrusion, mold can completely engulf a structure by the time repairs or restoration work begins. With Dial BioSciences, you can immediately stop the mold and reduce your claims at the same time. 

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